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Why is Good Balance So Important? What You Need to Know

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Why is good balance so important?  The reason can be summed up in one word: CONTROL.

Think about it… we balance our checkbook – or lose control of our finances, we balance our diets – or lose control of our good health, we balance our schedules – or lose control of our time, we balance our bodies – or risk injuries and accidents.  To maintain control of our bodies is foundational to our ability to maintain control of our lives. To move safely and comfortably in our lives, we need to maintain a solid awareness of where our bodies are in relation to the things around us.

Do you know how to check your balance?

Check out this video with our own, Josh Halas, DPT, Strength & Conditioning Coach, to learn how.

Do you know what causes balance problems?

While balance problems are common with aging, there are other factors and events that can impact your physical balance.  Among these are medications, head injuries, bacterial and viral infections, blood circulation disorders, arthritis, and more.

Do you know how to prevent balance problems?

Here are 4 things you can do:

1. Get your vision and hearing tested annually.

2. Monitor your medications. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if your medications can affect your balance.

3. Manage chronic diseases, like diabetes, carefully.

4. If you fall, let your doctor or physical therapist know about it.

Do you know how Physical Therapy helps with balance problems?

First, your Physical Therapist can help reduce your fear of falling by addressing the specific problems that have been discovered.

Using an individualized treatment and exercise program, you can improve your mobility, and regain your ability to move with more ease, coordination and confidence.

As you work with your Physical Therapist, you will see an improvement in your strength, a reduction in muscle weakness, especially in those muscles most important to your balance (your trunk, hip and core muscles).

You will be able to increase your activity, as you learn how to identify muscles that are tight and learn to stretch them properly, resulting in an overall improvement in your flexibility and posture.

Physical Therapy is highly successful in helping you improve both static balance (standing or sitting) and dynamic balance (keeping your balance while moving).

Considering how important good balance is to our overall well-being, we encourage you to check your balance regularly and seek out help if you feel unable to sit or stand upright comfortably. 

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