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Experience the difference of personalized care.

At David Gilboe & Associates, we specialize in treating muscular and skeletal problems that arise from an accident, injury, surgery or degenerative condition. Doctors typically refer patients who have injured muscles, tendons or ligaments; fractured bones; or have had joint replacement surgery.

Our job is to decrease or eliminate your pain, increase your mobility and strength, and improve your function. We'll evaluate your condition, develop a custom treatment plan based on your doctor's recommendations, address your needs, and monitor your progress.

An essential part of your rehabilitation is to get you moving while your body heals. Treatment protocols are based on current research and therapy techniques that reflect the latest medical and surgical procedures.

It is not enough to improve your condition: We want you to learn how to live without us. Our goal is to teach you how to prevent an injury from reoccurring. Or, in the case of a degenerative condition, to maximize your function.

Flexible early morning and evening appointments readily accommodate patient work schedules, and most types of insurance coverage are accepted. Patients are seen quickly, and office access is easy, with parking right outside the door.

The clinics also get involved with the community and local schools. We conduct scoliosis screening, strength testing, posture exams, and balance testing. We provide teachers, students, and industry with information on computer workstation ergonomics, backpack use, spinal problems and injury prevention.

45 years of excellence (1979-2024)

Celebrating our 40 Year Anniversary!

40 Year Anniversary: Moria and Our Patient
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