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Runners Analytics Program

Are you a Runner?


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Our running analytics program includes unique features that allow both competitive and recreational runners to improve their form, strengthen, minimize injury risk, and build a specialized training program focused on specific running goals.


Video Running Analysis 

With recent advances in technology, we can look at your running form frame by frame to see how you control your body throughout your running stride.  We provide feedback in clinic and can send you a video summary of your running analysis via e-mail. Benefits of the running analysis include improving efficiency of your stride, mitigating injury risk, and improving body control.


Functional Movement Assessment

 How you move with a variety of exercises (squats, lunges, split squats, calf raises, jumps, hops, skipping and more) can identify weaknesses with how you run. A functional movement assessment helps with selection of individualized strengthening exercises that can benefit your running form, minimize injury risk, and improve your running economy.


Individualized Strengthening Exercises

 Strengthening exercises for runners can help minimize injury risk and improve running performance. Our program reviews which exercises are most beneficial, the frequency of when to perform strengthening exercises, and what parameters (weight, sets, reps) to use with your exercises.


Review of Training Program

Since all runners have different strength, running history, race pace, and running style, an individualized program can make all the difference with your training. With our program, we educate our runners on the different types of runs (long slow distance, tempo, and interval/speed work), how many days per week you should train, and what intensity is best for training. We also discuss recovery and how to taper before a race. 

​Please check out our videos for more information.


Let us help you achieve your running goals!

  • Video running analysis

  • Functional movement assessment

  • Individualized strengthening exercises

  • Review of training program

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