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Dispelling the Myth: PT Isn't Just for Senior Citizens

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

It is a common myth that physical therapy is just for senior citizens. While seniors clearly experience an improvement in the quality of their lives when they have effective physical therapy, the benefits of PT are substantial for people of all ages with many different circumstances and needs. For example, did you know that dancers use PT to prevent injuries, heal injuries and enhance their artistry? Dancers need to be highly flexible and precise in their movements. They also must have an abnormally large range of motion, to perform at their highest ability. With physical therapy they develop an understanding of their muscles, ligaments, joints and bones, thus learning how to move and care for their body, maximize their wellness and refine their craft. Golfers are another group of individuals that tend to experience great benefit from physical therapy. Those that seek to enhance their performance, use PT to improve their physical strength and stamina to help them play their best game. While others are seeking help with sore shoulders, back pain, tight hips and painful knees, all receive help as they learn about the fundamentals of movement. This includes methods for opening up their lower spine, releasing tightness around the hips and improving their overall mobility. ​​The number of conditions that PT helps, is another area that is often misunderstood. Many connect physical therapy with ailments most often experienced by the elderly. The list that follows of some of the most common diagnosis we see, is another example that dispels the myths long associated with physical therapy.

​After almost 40 years of providing physical and occupational therapy, we have helped young hockey players, baseball players, soccer players, factory workers, administrators, professionals from all walks of life, dancers, runners, golfers, parents, patients preparing for surgery, patients healing after surgery, employers, grandparents, and so much more! Physical therapy can make a tremendous difference in the quality of life for the young and the elderly. It isn’t just for senior citizens, it’s for all of us.

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