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Learning about Cervical Radiculopathy & PT

Cervical radiculopathy is a condition that can cause neck pain and/or symptoms into the arm and hand. It is commonly referred to as a “pinched nerve” in the neck and can be the result of:

•Age related changes in the neck

•Herniated disc

•Narrowing in the space between vertebrae where the nerve courses (spinal stenosis)


•Inflammation in the neck

In addition to neck, arm, and hand pain, you may also experience weakness, numbness and/or tingling into the affected extremity, loss of neck motion, difficulty sleeping, and pain with prolonged standing or sitting.

If you have any of these symptoms, follow up with your physician or physical therapist. Treatment options usually include medication, physical therapy, injections, or, in some cases, surgery. Imaging may not be warranted unless more serious pathology is suspected.

Physical therapy treatments include:

•Cervical traction

•Neck and arm strengthening exercises

•Neck mobility exercises

•Ergonomic and postural training

•Heat or cold therapies for pain management

•Manual therapy including soft tissue massage

A majority of cervical radiculopathy cases will improve over the course of 3 months. During that time, physical therapy is a great source to help manage symptoms, improve mobility and function, and alleviate stress and anxiety regarding prognosis. Our experts can help guide you through this process to help with your pain and improve your quality of life!

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