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Fibromyalgia: A Chronic Pain Condition

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition with a variety of symptoms; therefore, it can be difficult to establish a diagnosis. Your physician will take a subjective history and perform a series of tests to rule out other conditions before determining you have fibromyalgia.


Fibromyalgia is thought to occur due to changes in the nervous system and how pain is interpreted. Women who are diagnosed with an auto-immune condition, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, are more prone to experience symptoms related to fibromyalgia. Symptoms can occur after a traumatic event or gradually over time.

Signs and symptoms include:


•Widespread pain on both sides of the body

•Tender points in multiple tissues in your body



•Mental fog/memory issues

•Muscle stiffness



•Difficulty sleeping

•Numbness or tingling

•Irritable bowel/bladder syndrome


Although there is no definitive cure for fibromyalgia, they are many different treatment options to address symptoms. Current research supports the use of strengthen training and aerobic exercise to help with fitness levels and manage symptoms. Your Physical Therapist can assist with education and prescribing a home exercise program suitable for your needs.


Knowledge about your condition can improve confidence in how to manage symptoms and control your pain. Pain management strategies include:

•Starting an exercise program to your tolerance

•Receiving massage therapy to assist with blood flow to painful tissues

•Using hot packs or cold packs in painful area

•Relaxation techniques


Living with daily pain can be challenging, but your physical therapist can help guide you to perform low pain activities and activity modifications to improve your quality of life.


For over 4 decades, we've earned the trust of thousands of patients and their families. You can trust in David Gilboe and Associates' many years of experience in providing therapeutic services to those with fibromyalgia. Your journey to wellness begins here with our compassionate, skilled physical therapy team.

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