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Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis: Important Facts

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Hip and knee osteoarthritis are chronic pain conditions that causes inflammation, degeneration and wearing away of cartilage at joint surfaces. Osteoarthritis can occur at any age but is more common in older adults. However, just because you are getting older does not mean that you will develop arthritis.

The bad news…osteoarthritis is a progressive and non-reversible disease, which means that it may get worse over time. The severity of osteoarthritis can differ person to person and pain is not always an indicator or predictor of the severity of arthritis. A diagnosis of arthritis can feel overwhelming, but it does not always mean surgery or that you cannot perform your usual hobbies and activities.

If you find yourself limited with your activities and hobbies, physical therapy may be right for you. A physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation to determine your mobility limitations and strength deficits. Ultimately, they will provide a treatment plan to optimize your mobility, improve your strength, work on pain management and review joint protection techniques.

Depending on these factors, people living with osteoarthritis can still:

• Walk

• Squat

• Ride a bike

• Run if you ran before your diagnosis

• Play sports such as tennis, pickleball, golf, etc.

• Perform resistance training

You will want to monitor your symptoms if you are participating in any of these activities and modify the activity according to your tolerance levels. Consult with your physician or physical therapist if you are someone with osteoarthritis and are interested in performing these activities.

Activity modification may be needed to help limit your symptoms. Symptoms to monitor include:

• Worsening pain during or following an activity

• Increased swelling after an activity

• Difficulty performing your normal daily activities

• Prolonged stiffness or pain after a period of inactivity

If you are someone with arthritis and are looking to improve your quality of life, schedule your appointment with us today. We have over 42 years of experience helping people cope and perform with their arthritic joints.


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