“I came in with right shoulder and piriformis strain. Received excellent care from entire staff. Very thorough. Very professional.  Thank you again.”

Donna B. (Fall 2017)

“Was skeptical in the beginning. Erica was a wonderful therapist with a wonderful personality. She taught me a lot for sure.”

Wendy H. (Winter 2017)

“I started PT with a torn meniscus in my right knee. I had a very poor gait pattern, pain, and difficulty walking around my house. I didn’t really believe that PT would be helpful; I thought surgery was in my future. After 12 weeks working with my therapist, I no longer have knee pain. My gait is good and I feel wonderful! I am so thankful to this clinic! Kathi and Dolores are amazing therapists! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! ”

Patricia L. (Winter 2017)

“My experience was wonderful from beginning to end. The Front Desk was helpful and professional. Josh was amazing, generous, he listened, was very professional and knowledgeable of the body. Thank you!”

D.B. (5/2017)

“I came in after my knee replacement surgery. Erica and Donna  pushed me when I needed it and urged me on. I would recommend this place to everyone.”

T.K. (4/2017)

“The warm personalities of everyone made me feel at home.  I always loved the smiles from everyone including Carol at the front desk.  This is truly a great group of people.”

J. P. (3/2017)

“Every member of the team was supportive and positive. It was a pleasure to come in for treatment even though in the beginning the pain was a bit nasty.  As treatment progressed the pain diminished and I am now grateful to be off opioids and mostly pain free.  Of course Dave was great!!!!!  Thank you!”

N.C. (8/2016)

“Excellent, friendly, professional care! Very happy with my overall experience & progress!”

A.R. (8/2016)

“Very friendly atmosphere and knowledgeable staff. During your appt. you are the one that matters! Have been a patient several times.  Once I tried another facility. That lasted 2 visits and I went back to Gilboe.  Live and learn.”

B. B. (8/2016)

“Great experience. Great therapist. Very informative and tuned in to my pain. I achieved what I had hoped for.”

C.D. (7/2016)

“Julie is amazing. She adds new movements and treatments as I have progressed. This visit is for my shoulder. The last 2 times were for hip replacement therapy also with Julie.”

B.L. (7/2016)

“Excellent! Great care from the moment I walked in the door until I left. Home exercises to continue improvement between sessions.”

J. P. (7/2016)

“ALL of your staff is very pleasant and helpful.  They make it a nice experience to be here.  Thank you to everyone.”

P.V. (5/2016)

“My experience was wonderful. Erica was wonderful, professional and very comforting. Everything you want in your experience. Julie also made a huge difference. Their kindness was perfect. Julie was so great at starting me off on the right track.”

K.P. (5/2016)

“My therapists, Kathy & Moria, are teachers. They teach you what to do and what not to do – and tell you why. They are the best for me. Very good experience here ALWAYS (my 3rd time).”

V. P. (5/2016)

“This is the first time I’ve been pain free in 3-months. The team was very understanding, informative, patient and encouraging throughout the rehabilitation process.  It’s rare to feel as if you made friends with your health care team, but that is the personal experience and care that you receive at Gilboe & Associates. I would highly recommend them to others and am confident that you will receive the same high quality level of care”

C.L. (2016)

“This is not my first time at Gilboe’s and probably won’t be my last.  I have nothing but good things to say about the techs, therapists and office staff.  So friendly!  Made a huge difference in my recovery! Many thanks!”

Vera D. (2.15.16)

“Everyone here is just so great. This is my second time with Jeff.  Just a great guy.  Dave, you are lucky to have good people!”

Rick F. (2016)

“I would like to express what a great PT office this is.  Each employee greets you with such kindness and display such great team work.  I want to thank Julie, who is remarkable and so devoted to me as a patient. She gives her all to make me comfortable and to succeed in my patient needs.  Also Paula and Sue are outstanding ladies and start my visits with such happy smiles.  And, like Julie, they make sure I feel important. Awesome job!”

Janice S. (3.8.16)

“I recently completed a series of therapy sessions with Josh Halas. I cannot say enough as to his attention, concern and professional decorum. I have complete confidence that Josh had a special interest in seeing that I received the correct treatment for my problem. And all the while with a great sense of humor!”

P.S. (Dec 2015)

“Your staff is very friendly and my therapist Jeff was the best. I learned a lot and will continue my exercises at home. Thanks for everything!”

C.M. (Dec 2015)

Great work all of you!  All nice and friendly.  Moria and Julie are great! Helped me a lot!  Keep up the good work!

Sue (2015)

My PT is Josh and he is amazing and awesome.  He is funny and he gets me.  Thank you Josh!

Amelia R. (2015)

“Irene and Dolores are both so great! I’m so glad to be able to work with two wonderful and caring people for my care!”

Ann M. (2014)

I think from the front desk to my PT (Kathi), everyone here is wonderful, friendly and helpful.  I would not think of going anywhere else.  Great team. Great place.  Thank you for being here.

Alex D. (2012)

Another good experience at Gilboe’s!  Josh & Dolores are so good at their jobs.  They really care about their patients.  I recommend Gilboe to all of my friends!

Joanna S.

“I nominate Kathi & Dolores for the “PT of the Year” award! I think that says it all! The whole staff is #1 for me! Thank you so much!

Judy M. (2015)

“Wow! It’s the start of a new month and one in which I AM ABLE to enjoy in the great outdoors! Much better than in June when I was hobbling around with a very frustrating leg injury.

Kudos and hugs to Dave and his staff. It’s my third trip to see the experts and that they are! Never ceases to amaze me how – caring, committed, competent, resourceful – the entire staff is. In my book, its first class service with a plus!”

Rick C. (2015)

“Today is my third visit at your PT clinic. My rehab specialist is Josh. He is clearly a sensitive, caring and patient therapist. I believe he really cares about me and my progress. In fact, everyone here is nice and even though I am in pain, I leave with a smile. Everyone here helps in my recovery in one way or another.”

S. Rosemond (2015)

“Irene is amazing! Your entire staff is to be commended.” Thank you. ”

Pat H. (2015)

“This is my 2nd time around – and again I can’t say enough about your entire staff – everyone was so kind to me – even when I was late. Kerry and Kathi are priceless (they don’t let you get away with anything!). Kerry makes sure you don’t slack off – I feel like a million bucks! I would recommend anyone to your facility.”

K. F.

“Very good, quick service. Thoughtful, considerate therapists, patient and knowledgeable”


“The therapists and techs are friendly and efficient. Appointments are done right away, no wait!”

Bob K. (2015)

“It was a joy working with Donna, my physical therapist. She has great knowledge of the human body and was excellent in explaining the parts and areas that needed exercise and correction. She was friendly and understanding, and freely demonstrated the positions that I should work on. I told Donna that she is an Anatomical Genius! I am thankful for her service, concern and help. It was the best!”

A. H. (2014)

“Each and every one of the therapists are such a blessing to this center – especially Tammy.”

P. H. (2012)

“This is an excellent experience. I loved all the people who worked with me. Made great progress! Hugs especially to Julie and Moria!”

M. B. (2014)

“What I love the most is not only the quality of the care but the compassion that all the employees give. It means so much when you’re in pain and feeling down. Keep up the great job you ALL are doing!”

D. D. (2014)

Another good experience at Gilboe’s!  Josh & Dolores are so good at their jobs.  They really care about their patients.  I recommend Gilboe to all of my friends!

Joanna S. (2015)

“I came in for my first ever PT appointment and was blessed to work with Kathi. She was amazingly friendly, competent, encouraging and focused. I felt very confident when I left with my homework and a much clearer understanding of my injury. I even received a follow up call to see how I was doing after the first session! Outstanding care and friendly front desk staff. Keep up the good work! God bless you all.”

L. Q. (2011)

“The therapy Josh provided is great and all of the staff are very nice to myself and my daughter. Thank you!”


“Been here several times for several different problems and the results have always been amazing! Phenomenal staff!!”

J. D. (2012)

“Dolores, Kathi, Irene, and Jeff are wonderful. I have great appreciation for everyone here. Dolores has been amazing and I know I never would have progressed as I have without her. ”

R. C. (2015)

“All of the people are very friendly and pleasant. Had a wonderful experience. Everyone helped me very much with my soreness. Gave good ideas what to do at home also.”

D. F. (2014)

“I nominate Kathi & Dolores for the “PT of the Year” award! I think that says it all! The whole staff is #1 for me! Thank you so much!

Judy M. (2015)

“I would recommend Gilboe to anyone. This is my second time here. The first time was in 2013. Everyone here is very good. I do have a favorite though. He was great! He was so helpful, thoughtful and gentle. He really helped me heal. Thanks to all of you!”

G. P. (2014)

“Excellent. Kathi and Dolores are friendly, professional and talented. Compared to (the previous PT), you all are superior in every way! Great experience. Would highly recommend you.”

L. S. (2013)

“Your staff is wonderful. Don’t change a thing! From the time you get here, until the time you leave is a great experience. Kathi is the best – very caring and kind. She helped me a lot. Everyone really knows what they are doing – from the front desk on.”

B. S. (2013)

“What a wonderful caring company ‘Gilboe’ is. Have been to other PT’s, but you stand out. Thank you for helping my husband in and out of the car and for the outstanding therapy.”

S. N. (2012)

“World class service along with a wonderful staff. I will do my best to highly recommend your wonderful environment while in my travels to potential new clients.”

Lawrence R.

“Tracy smiles, is warm, comfortable and she’s been here for a long time and that means A LOT!”

L. A. I. (2014)

“Caring employees. Sensitive to patient’s needs and problems. Understanding. I like it when I can be at ease even though I might be a little frightened with treatment. Smiles always relieve tension! : ) Thanks!”

C. V. (2012)

“The staff is friendly, very professional and their treatments are excellent! Thank you. ”

Sr. Arlene S. (2012)

“The therapy here is excellent. The best!”

Ellen B. (2014)

“I feel the experience I have had here at Gilboe has been excellent. The attention and care has been most beneficial and I will use what I have been given forever, now. Thank you!”

L. M. (2011)

“Thank you, Kathi, Moria and Julie! Always on time. Knowledgeable staff. Helpful advice for home exercise. Feeling better :)”

B. A. (2012)

“This is a truly respectful, dignified facility.”

Anne Marie L. (2012)

“I always feel great when I leave! Kerry is simply a wonderful therapist and I have learned a lot from him!”

Shirley S. (2015)

“Kathy is simply AMAZING! She has taught me sooo much! I love her!”

Shirley S. (2015)

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