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2925800David Gilboe & Associates has had the privilege of working with physicians locally and across the United States for over 37 years. In the past year alone, we have treated patients referred by over 240 physicians.

Our commitment to our shared patients is evidenced by the manner in which we communicate with physicians and the efforts we make to ensure patients are treated with genuine care, concern and professionalism. From employing therapists with excellent education and experience to actively seeking ways to show our patients how much we care, our commitment is integrated into our business practices every day. We encourage physician offices to read our patient testimonials and check out our success stories shared on the bottom of our specific SERVICE pages.

Following is a brief overview of how we interact with PHYSICIAN OFFICES. If you have questions that are not answered in this overview, please contact us by calling us at 586.779.8892 or CLICK HERE to send us a message.

1. Physicians referring their patients for PHYSICAL or OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY complete this prescription form. This form is given to the patient who then directly contacts our office to schedule a visit.

2. During your patient’s first visit we review your prescription details, evaluate the patient, establish a detailed treatment plan and provide treatment during the first appointment.

3. Reports providing you an update on your patient’s progress are provided to you before your patient’s next visit. These reports are either given to the patient (to take with them to your office) or mailed. When desired, reports can be faxed.

4. Our reports contain: a summary of our evaluation (rather than the complete evaluation); an overview of the services we have provided your patient and how he/she responded; our recommendation as to whether treatment is completed or needs to be continued; along with relevant insight gained as we have worked the patient.

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