For Seniors


We’ve had the privilege of working with seniors for many years now and are highly sensitized to the varying needs of our patients. We understand that our senior patients:

• experience stress in learning to handle the changes in their mobility
• want to be as active and vibrant as they have always been
• need their providers to be gentle and respectful of their individual aging experience
• desire the ability to maintain an independent lifestyle
• may need specialized assistance with scheduling and travel

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When we provide service to seniors, our primary goals are centered on:

• developing a personal connection that helps seniors feel comfortable
• understanding our patients as individuals so that we can align our goals with theirs
• helping our patients healthfully manage their expectations of themselves
• providing comprehensive movement education that improves the patient’s ability to move through the day with less pain and greater mobility

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Able to walk the beach…90 year old patient who was greatly debilitated from arthritis in his knees had a Total Knee Arthroplasty in both knees. His family feared that he would be unable to recover due to severe debility and skin infections. Through a strong team effort with his family and physical therapist, the patient was encouraged steadily not to give up. As he was encouraged he began to heal and grow stronger. Several weeks later he was able to walk the beach in Florida independently with his happy wife by his side.

Patient was able to walk safely without a walker…78 year old patient came to us after deciding to use a walker due to her fear of falling. After 6 weeks of strengthening and balance training, she was able to walk safely without a walker!


Common Diagnosis Descriptions for Seniors

*Not all inclusive

Spinal stenosis
Degenerative disc
Poor balance
Parkinson’s disease
Gait difficulty
Joint replacement
Rotator cuff insufficiency

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