For Pre & Post Surgical Care


Our long-time experience with surgical patients has shown us that patients who receive therapy before and after their surgery are best positioned to experience an optimal healing experience.

Patients who receive PRE-surgical therapy…

• learn what to expect after surgery, minimizing surprises and their impact
• maximize their strength and mobility in preparation for post-surgery
• discover best ways to function immediately following surgery
• are better prepared for an optimal post-surgical experience

Patients who receive POST-surgical therapy…

• are provided comfort and relief as they adjust to the physical changes in their bodies
• advance with an appropriate rate of progress
• are readily educated on evidence-based protocols for healing
• flourish and reach their goals with a dedicated provider

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Understanding the challenges that face surgical patients, we focus our goals on:

• movement that helps to control pain and swelling
• educating our patients on how to safely handle their daily physical activities
• advancing our patients’ range of motion for functional movement
• helping our patients heal and return to their normal activities

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She surprised her surgeon…60 year old dynamic, motivated, but anxious patient received pre-op education and exercise prior to Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA). She faithfully practiced in therapy. When she began her post-op TKA program she was confident with all the tools for post-op rehab – practicing so diligently she surprised her surgeon. She continues to visit and update her physical therapist on her happy and active lifestyle.

The patient reported being pain free…32 year old gentleman came to us reporting he had had constant pain in his low back after having surgery 3 years earlier and after having tried three other P.T. clinics. After one month of low grade, low resistant exercises, the patient reported being pain free!

Able to return to crunchy foods…35 year old patient arrived for treatment one year after having jaw surgery. She shared that she had had to eat from a straw for one year because she was unable to open her mouth or chew without extreme pain. After three weeks of physical therapy with us she returned to eating soft foods without pain. In six weeks she was able to return to crunchy foods!

Common Diagnosis Descriptions for Surgical Patients

*Not all inclusive

Joint Replacement
ACL Reconstruction
-Rotator Cuff Repair
Spinal Surgery
-Cervical Disc/Fusion
-Lumbar Disc/Fusion

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